How do I use this product?
The kit includes a pouch and an attractant mat.
Take the attracting mat out of the yellow packaging and put it in the pouch.
Place the pouch on matresses, carpets, or any other place where you want to repel mites.
Please read the instruction manual before using the product.


Can I use the attractant mat by itself? Do I need to put it in the pouch?
The powder in the attractant mat is very fine, and it may spill out of the mat due to vibration or other factors. We recommend that you use the mat in the pouch to prevent it from spilling. Although the attractant powder is safe, if it spills out please vacuum it up with a vacuum cleaner or gently wipe it off with a damp cloth.


How long is it effective? How do I store it, and how do I dispose of it after use?
The product expires in 3 months once it is opened.
Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight and keep it out of reach of children.
Dispose the used mat as household waste according to the instructions of your local government.


I accidentally put it in water. Is the product okay?
The attractant mat loses effectiveness once it is wet. Please replace the mat with a new one.
Also, if the mat is washed in a washing machine, the attractant may adhere to clothing and other items. Although the attractant is safe, please rinse thoroughly with water.


Is the product still effective more than 3 months after use?
The effectiveness of the fragrance that attracts mites decreases after 3 months, so please replace the product after 3 months of use.


Can I use this product in combination with other commercial insecticides and tick repellents?
Please do not use the product in combination with commercial insecticides or tick repellent sprays.
The repellent effect of the insecticide or tick repellent spray works against the attractant effect of our product, and the effectiveness may decrease.
(Some insecticidal ingredients have a repellent effect.)


Can it be used under tatami mats?
Yes, it can be used under tatami mats.


Can it be used under electric heated rugs?
Yes, it can be used under electric heated rugs.


How should I place it on a bed?
We recommend that the product be placed between the bedding and the mattress on the foot side. Since this product collects and captures dust mites, please make sure that it does not touch your skin directly.


Is it safe to use a bedding dryer?
If the product is exposed to wind from the dryer, the powder in the attractant mat may scatter. Therefore, please remove the product when you use a bedding dryer.


What should I do with the product when I air dry my mattress?
Please move the product gently to another area to prevent the attractant from spilling out. If any powder spills out, please vacuum it up.


Do I still need to clean my matresses/rugs/couches after I start using the product?
Cleaning should be done on a regular basis.
This is effective in removing house dust, including dead mites, feces, and mite food. By implementing cleaning in conjunction with the use of the product, you can achieve more effective mite control.


Can I change the location after I start using it?
We do not recommend changing the location of the product because mites are captured in it. If you must change the location, please move it gently so that the attractant powder does not spill out. In case it spills out, please vacuum it up.


What kind of mites does it exterminate?
This product is specially designed to exterminate indoor mites (dust mites, claw mites, etc.).
Usually 80-90% of household mites are dust mites. Dust mites do not bite people, but their feces, carcasses, and molting shells can cause allergies such as atopic dermatitis and asthma. Claw mites can bite/sting people and cause skin rashes.

■ The product is ineffective against the following mites:
- Mites that live outdoors (e.g. ticks and fleas)
- Tropical rat mites that are parasites of humans and animals.


Does it exterminate other insects?
The product is exclusively for indoor mites (dust mites and claw mites). It is not effective against other mites and insects.


Can I see the mites in the product with the naked eye?
Mites are small (about 0.3 mm) and are not visible to the naked eye. They are very difficult to distinguish from attractant powder.


Is the product effective immediately?
Unfortunately, there is no immediate effect. The effect varies depending on the environment of the room, etc. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks from the time of installation until the mites in the vicinity are attracted.


Does the effectiveness of this product double if I use multiple products on a bed, sofa, etc?
Although the effect is not doubled, the distance between mites and the product is shortened and mites will be captured faster.


What does the attractant powder smell like?
Although different people sense the smell differently, the attractant powder has a slightly sweet and sour scent when it is placed close to your nose. Although we do not use chemical insecticides and the product's safety has been confirmed, please stop using the product immediately if you experience any physical discomfort while using it.


Do mites that have entered the product ever come out if the product is shaken?
If the product is shaken around or subjected to strong vibrations, etc., some of the attractant powder and dead mites may come out. Please handle with care.


Is this product made in Japan?
All products are made in Japan except for the pouch.


Is it safe for infants and pets?
No chemical insecticidal ingredients are used, and its safety has been confirmed by Japanese and international laboratories.


The product I received is spilling a powdery substance. Is it defective?
It is not a defective product.
The attractant is a fine powder and may spill out of the mat when it is vibrated or shaken. The attractant is safe and there is nothing wrong with the quality or safety of the product, but if the powder spills out, please vacuum it up.


The itching has not subsided and I cannot feel any effect at all.
Claw mites are indoor mites that cause itching. Our product targets claw mites, so there might be other causes if itching has not subsided. Possible causes other than claw mites include outdoor ticks (ticks, tropical rat mites), insects (fleas, mosquitoes, etc.), and chemicals. You should look for evidence of these types of organisms if itching persists. If symptoms are severe, we recommend consulting a doctor (dermatologist) or health department.
Tropical rat mites are outdoor mites that parasitize rodents and other animals. When rodents enter a house, tropical rat mites also enter the house and they can bite humans. These mites are different from dust mites and claw mites.