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What is Ninja ROBO(ダニ捕りロボ)?

Hideo WATANABE who is the former and a developer started to research to help his first grand child who was suffering by mites allergy.

We have been researching for many years and have continued to varify countless captures as we had forcused on a relationship between mites and dryness. As a result, we succeeded in developing a product that attracts mites and dries them by a discover a scent (attractant) which mites love.

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No more other than NIKKAKU LABORATORY three uniqe skills

Only NIKKAKU LABORATORY has a catching skill which makes mites dry.

  • CAPUTURE a large amount of mites

    The inside of the product is filled with

    the attractant

    that mites love, and house dust mites for example Cheyletidae are attracted to the scent, and they dive into the mat.

    Ninja ROBO(ダニ捕りロボ) also captures mites between curtains and floor or inside bedding that are not well cleaned.

    【The effect of Ninja ROBO(ダニ捕りロボ)】
    A unique attractant that strongly charm mites
    10x speed

  • A weakpoint of mites "destroy using dryness"

    Mites contain water 80% inside the body.

    Hygroscopic ceramic

     in the attractant removes water in the body by sticking their skin and can destroy certainly.

    【The effect of Ninja ROBO(ダニ捕りロボ)】
    A unique attractant that get rid of gathered mites
    100x speed 200x speed 300x speed

  • Never release destroyed mites

    Dead bodies of mites in our product are

    only necessary to throw away into a rubbish bin.

    ※ Effective period is three months after opening.

    Never release destroyed mites
    (1)Confine dead bodies and droppings in the piled non-woven mat.
    (2)Never scatter allergens as it becomes burnable garbage.

Prooven safety by tests domestic and international

It is extremely safe by 0% of chemical insecticide

ATTRACTANT that is used in our products has been made of

organic constituents

for example powdered food,brewers'yeast, food additive.

It is extremely safe for

pet and even baby

because it has got rid of any chemical insecticide.

It is proved safety by test domestic and international.

  • Acute oral toxicity test

    Japan Food Research Laboratories

    It is a test to examine the damage to health by eating.High numerical value suggests more safety and that toxicity is low.
    Ex) LD50-4000 mg / kg :Salt

    More than LD50 = 5,000 mg / kg
    (No. 14066020001-01)

  • Closed patch test

    Life Science Laboratories, LTD.

    It is a test to check whether a rush occurs. The test substance is applied to skin and the reaction after 24 hours is examined.

    (No. 02-XⅡ-1004)

  • Mutagenicity test, Ames test

    SafePharm Laboratories Ltd.
    →Harlan Sprague Dawley, Inc.

    It is a test to investigate genetic toxicity and carcinogenicity.

    No problem
    (No. 1538-002)

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It has already been proven by the third party organization

100% destroy mites in the product!

Ninja ROBO(ダニ捕りロボ) is a product that illustrates

"mites growth inhibition rate of 100%"

as a result※ it is possible to destroy 100% of mites which entered in the product.

This test has been conducted in JIS-compliant "anti-mite test(Interior-fabrics Performance Evaluation Conference)"

※ In accordance with a strict testing method for efficacy against mites of textiles (JIS L 1920), three times repeated tests were proceeded.

Captured mites have been exterminated and NEVER multiply!

Takumi TANAKA, the CEO, Viable Cooporation

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Where to set

Ideal for individual space in a room

How to use

  • STEP1

    Take out a attractant mat from a package.

  • STEP2

    Set the mat in a holder.

  • STEP3

    Put a sticker on the holder after filling opening date.

  • STEP4

    Just place Ninja ROBO(ダニ捕りロボ) for three months!